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Decentralized Access Control

Login to CharmVerse
with your wallet or Discord



Manage permissions and access using token gates


Whitelist an individual wallet

Paladin #10

Allow entry with a specific NFT

Token Holder

Configure a gate for a group of token/NFT holders

Invite members using Moloch DAO Protocol

POAP #47652
Poker Night

Invite POAP collectors

Member Directory

CharmVerse automatically builds a member directory as contributors join your workspace

Admins customize the profile properties and permissions with role based access control

Choose what properties are displayed in which view (gallery, table or profile)

and who can see them

CharmVerse left sidebar navigation menu
CharmVerse automatically builds a member directory
membership directory information is customizable

Help members build meaningful relationships with each other

click into the member profile card for more information
CharmVerse automatically builds a member directory

Find what you have in common with your community members

 Members with shared workspaces see more

View directory as a gallery or table, Search for members by name, role, skills, etcetera, Sort the directory on any property

Collaboration & Compensation

Attach a bounty to any team task

View all bounties in the workspace on the consolidated "Bounties" board

Pay a bounty using your wallet or pay multiple bounties via one transaction using Gnosis Safe

CharmVerse supports payments using custom ERC-20 tokens


Create consistent & effective proposals using templates

Guided experience through various stages of a community proposal

Role-based access allows you to control who can create, edit, and review proposals

Invite the community to comment, suggest edits, and create polls within a proposal draft

Ready for a formal vote?

Hold a community
vote in CharmVerse or publish to Snapshot

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