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Introducing Proposal Builder

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Helping Community Members create consistent, peer-reviewed Proposals that have received Community feedback before going to a vote.

Implementing good governance in token communities is difficult. Communities are running various experiments with mixed results. Not enough members are voting, stalling key initiatives. Members that didn’t draft the proposal might have great ideas but they aren’t given a chance to contribute before the proposals are voted on. Proposals lack consistency and sometimes are missing key information. On and on.

We built Proposal Builder to make it easy for veterans and newcomers to build high-quality proposals while engaging the community at a much earlier stage.

Proposal Builder provides a guided experience through various stages of a community proposal.

Proposal steps

In the Discussion stage, the larger community can comment, suggest changes, and conduct polls ahead of the proposal review & formal votes

Role-based access control lets you choose who can create proposals, when the community can comment, and who can review proposals.

Standardize proposals with customizable templates. You can set up default reviewers and content for each template. Furthermore, group templates into categories to keep things organized.

We try our best not to bother you. Only when there’s action required on the proposal, will we send notifications. We let you know when a proposal is ready to be discussed, reviewed or voted on.

Finally, you have the option to vote within CharmVerse or send the proposal to Snapshot

Want to check it out? Get started with your free workspace today

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