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Why switch from using Notion to CharmVerse

Updated: Feb 7

Switching platforms can be a daunting task, we've all been there. However, what do you do when the tool you have been using doesn't evolve for the work you're trying to do? Notion has been a great tool, we have been using it ourselves for years. However, we found ourselves yearning for a productivity tool that integrates with our work in web3. A tool that allows us to better coordinate and collaborate with our web3 communities. A platform that is web3 friendly, but not scary for web2 folks.

CharmVerse is the Notion of Web3
Make the move to CharmVerse

Enter CharmVerse, a web3 community platform that brings together onboarding, payment management, proposals, project trackers, discussion forum, and data repositories in one place.

What does CharmVerse have that Notion doesn't?

Web3 native integrations

ChamVerse offers out-of-the-box web3 integrations such as Dune dashboards, Opensea, DeepDAO, & Gnosis Safe. These integrations offer the ability to embed elements like blockchain ecosystem analytics, NFT assets, data analytics for your DAO, etc into your work and are the perfect complement to the web2 components with which you are familiar.

Role-based access control

Grant roles based on a wallet's token holding
Use NFTs or customer tokens as keys to your space

With CharmVerse you have the ability to grant roles based on a wallet's token holding. By using NFTs or custom tokens as keys you can choose which sections of your space are gated by which token conditions. CharmVerse currently supports most EVM-compatible chains so you can create a permissionless collaborative space while providing trust and transparency.

Forum and Member Directory

Forum and Member Directory are additional capabilities of CharmVerse's integrated platform that help you engage with your community.

Forum allows the community to have structured discussions within a token-gated CharmVerse space. While outside platforms like Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp are widely used for casual chats, the CharmVerse forum can be used to create threaded conversations surrounding specific topics.

The Member Directory gives members the opportunity to make meaningful connections with their peers. CharmVerse automatically builds a Member Directory as contributors join the space. Admins can customize the profile properties and permissions and choose what properties are displayed. Members have the option to pick which records to show in their profiles, allowing them to manage their privacy. Member Profiles are auto-populated with Snapshot and on-chain proposal/vote history as well NFT/POAP holdings in their wallets creating transparency within the community.

Rewards for engagement

CharmVerse supports payments in USDC, ETH, Polygo Matic + custom tokens
Bounties are a great way to reward members for completing tasks

Bounties are paid tasks and a great way to reward members for engaging with the community. In addition to being an excellent task management tool, CharmVerse gives you the ability to attach bounties to any task in a database. Once a community member completes a task and it is approved, the bounty can be paid out via your connected wallet or Gnosis Safes. With Gnosis Safe you even have the ability to pay multiple bounties with one transaction. CharmVerse currently supports payments in USDC, ETH, and Polygon Matic, including custom ERC20 tokens.

We are still building!

CharmVerse continues to build out the all-in-one platform for web3. Much of what we build is based on feature requests and feedback from our users. One feature we are excited to implement is the ability to track and gamify DAO contributions via verifiable credentials. Stay tuned for more on that!

Start using CharmVerse today!

CharmVerse is currently free and will remain so through June 2023. At that time pricing will be based on the number of transactions as well as the amount of content in the workspace. We will also continue to offer a freemium model. What I can tell you is if you are using Notion now, you can expect to pay less for CharmVerse.

With CharmVerse, you can build a space to manage members, coordinate tasks, facilitate structured discussions & decisions, and hold each other accountable.

Start using CharmVerse today!

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