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Looking for a web3 Notion?

Many have called CharmVerse the web3 Notion. When someone is searching for “web3 Notion”, they are often looking for a token-gated, productivity platform that users can log in with their crypto wallets. That’s precisely what you get with CharmVerse.

CharmVerse, the web3 Notion

Users can log into CharmVerse via their favorite wallets from MetaMask, Coinbase, to Rainbow. Admins can automatically assign roles and control access to the platform based on the users’ token/NFT holdings. Most EVM chains are supported, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain. The access requirements go from holding several community tokens to requiring holdings across multiple assets. For example, a Core Contributor role would be granted if a wallet holds Genesis NFT, a season one POAP, and 100 community tokens.

Like Notion, CharmVerse has a modern document editor. Users have the option to embed web2 elements like Airtable, Typeform, Twitter, and YouTube, but they also can embed web3 elements like Dune dashboards, crypto price tracker, and NFT contracts. Databases are also native to CharmVerse. Manage projects with Kanban boards, show off galleries, and keep track of items in tables like you would in Notion. For each task in CharmVerse, the author can attach a bounty. Bounties are paid tasks. Token values can be assigned to a task. If a community member completes a task and it is approved, the member gets paid directly in CharmVerse. Payments in USDC, ETH, and Polygon Matic, including custom ERC20 tokens, are supported.

Web3 communities are different than traditional companies. Hence, we design our platform around member management, community decisions, and structured discussions.

Member Management

A Member Directory is included with every CharmVerse Space. New members are prompted to fill in their profiles. You can customize the information collected from members and control who has access to the data. Help members build meaningful relationships with each other while ensuring privacy is appropriately managed. Web3 contributions like proposals and votes and NFTs/POAPs in the connected wallet are automatically pulled into a member's profile. Though members have the option to pick which records to show in their profiles.

Sample member directory

Community Decisions

Many web3 communities make vital decisions by votes. Our Proposal Builder enables communities to build consistent and peer-reviewed proposals. To keep proposal quality high yet easy to create, Admins can create templates for popular proposal types. In addition to having all the community proposals in one place, the Proposal Builder provides users with a guided experience through the various proposal stages. Admin can also control who can create, edit, and review proposals. Invite the community to comment and suggest changes to the proposal. If you want to engage the community more informally, embed a Poll in any document. Members will be notified that a new poll is waiting for their responses.

Structured Discussions

Outside of casual chats in popular platforms like Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp, there is a need for structured discussions. To ensure that others catch essential discussions, the CharmVerse Forum can be used to create threaded conversations surrounding specific topics.

Sample Forum

web3 communities deserve a community platform that is custom designed for them. We even have a Notion Import function to save you from all the copying and pasting. If you are running a web3 community, come check us out.

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