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FREE through June 2023


Collaborate in public


100% space viewable by anyone on the internet

Community space with docs, databases, & forum

Member Directory, Proposal Builder, & crypto payments

Up to 200 monthly active users

Integrate with Discord, Snapshot, Safe, & NFTs/POAPs

Compatible with most EVM chains


Onboard & engage community members


per 10K blocks* / month billed annually
$12 billed monthly
30 day FREE trial

Everything in Free, and

Comprehensive access control. Unlimited roles

Invite 100 guests

Custom domain

API access


Advanced control and support for large communities

Let's talk

Everything in Community, and

200+ monthly active users

Custom guest limit

Dedicated success manager (100+ monthly active users)

* What is a block?

Every piece of content in CharmVerse is a block:

  • Paragraphs, images, videos, and embeds are all individual blocks,

  • Forum posts, comments, proposals, and bounties may be comprised of multiple blocks.

  • Each row or card in a database is a block and may contain multiple blocks in the body.

  • Each cell of a table may contain more than one block.

How many blocks does my community need?

Based on your community's size, here are some suggested block needs:

10,000 to 20,000 blocks:

A few contributors getting a community off the ground

50,000 to 100,000 blocks:

10 core contributors serving a 100-200 person community

Login with wallet, ENS, Unstoppable Domains, Discord or Google

Grant roles & gate content based on token or NFT holdings

Votes & proposals

Task management and compensation

Web3 resume

Role-based access control

Community onboarding

Membership directory

Token-gated forum

Create public content

E-mail and in-app notifications

Integrated with your favorite web3 tools

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