Proposal Builder

Build consistent, peer-reviewed proposals with your community


Build a Proposal Headquarters for Your Community

Organize your proposals and keep the community informed and engaged. All workspace proposals in various stages are accessible in one place.

Create consistent & effective proposals using templates

Set up default reviewers and content for each template.

Group templates into categories to keep things organized.

Guided experience through various stages of a community proposal

Role-based access to control who can create, edit, and review proposals

Invite the community to comment, suggest edits, and create polls within a proposal draft

Ready for a formal vote?

Hold a community
vote in CharmVerse or publish to Snapshot

Actionable notifications only.

We try our best not to bother you. Only when there’s action required on the proposal, will we send notifications. To help facilitate community participation, we let members know when a proposal is ready to be discussed, reviewed or voted on with in-app notifications and emails.

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Guided Proposal Process for Your Community

Step through various stages of a community proposal:


Private Draft


Public Draft




In Review




Vote Active


Vote Closed


Private Draft: A new proposal starts off in the "Private Draft" stage. Only authors and workspace admins can view/edit the proposal. Choose to move the proposal to "Public Draft" or directly to "Discussion"


Public Draft: All members have view only access to the proposal. Author(s) may continue to edit the proposal in the open and choose to move the proposal back to "Private Draft" or ahead to "Discussion"


Discussion: Community members are invited to comment, suggest edits, and add polls to the proposal draft. If discussion leads to substantial editing, an author may decide to send the proposal back to either "Public Draft" or "Private Draft". When everything looks good,  an author may move the proposal forward to "In Review"


In Review: Designated reviewer(s) are invited to assess the proposal and move the proposal ahead to "Reviewed" if they believe the proposal is ready for a vote or back to any previous stage for more discussion and/or editing. 


Reviewed: Authors are notified that the proposal has been approved by a reviewer. An author or admin may initiate a community vote by moving the proposal to "Vote Active" or if they aren't ready, they can send the proposal back to any previous stage.


Vote Active: The author may create a vote in CharmVerse or publish the proposal to Snapshot. Community members will be notified that it is time to vote. Once the vote has been initiated, the proposal may not be modified in any way.



Vote Closed: When the deadline for the vote has passed, results will be saved on the Proposals page for all eternity. 


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